Our firm provides guidance and assistance to debtor governments in rescheduling, restructuring, refinancing or repurchasing of external and internal debts through conversions, swaps and restructuring transactions; privatization of government owned companies through debt-for-equity or blocked currency conversions and the design, creation, marketing and administration of debt conversion programmes to repurchase blocks of debt through the issuance of local currency for reinvestment.

We advise commercial creditors in recovering, restructuring, settling and/or converting amounts owed by sovereign entities, parastatal companies and other debtors in emerging markets countries. Services range from coordinating debt recovery litigation to structuring settlements or swaps involving the issuance of local currency, debt or equity in settlement of outstanding debts or judgments.

Our firm structures debt-for-equity, debt-for-cash, debt-for-assets, debt offsets, debt-for-debt and other types of debt conversion transactions on behalf of commercial companies and not-for-profit organizations.

We assist companies in financing their direct investments through innovative mechanisms including blocked currency and foreign exchange transactions.