GFI is a Merchant Banking Boutique Firm established in 2004.  The three principal activities of our firm comprise integrated Corporate and Capital markets, Trade Finance and Treasury services.

We work in the public and private sectors to deliver leading edge “cross-border” and “in country” merchant banking services to our clients.

Our senior executives each have over 20 years experience of the African Markets and Global Financial Centres

The firm and its executives have a broad network in the business and financial communities in Africa and in Global Financial Centres. We draw on our networks to craft bespoke as well as innovative financing and investment solutions free of potential conflicts.  

We pride ourselves in understanding not only of the varied economies in Africa, but on having a deep understanding of financial instruments and structures which will deliver the optimal solutions to our clients.  Allied to these strengths is our keen insight into the people, cultural nuances, and the political and economic risks that are ever-present in these markets. Invariably, it is our attention to these critical factors that are the differentiators in the success or failure of transactions.