Africa is becoming increasingly important in global trade, with abundant natural resources that are important for both emerging and developed economies. Trade is also growing across a number of sectors and diversifying from traditional trading partners, with significant growth in trade between Africa and emerging markets.

We recognize that much of Africa’s capacity lies in its own trade potential, a potential often by archaic banking practices. We work closely with our trading and exporting customers to understand their businesses and to structure working capital facilities that match their operations.

By matching the currency of a client’s borrowing with that of its export proceeds and by correctly relying on cash flow rather than balance sheet size as a source of repayment, we have effectively met client trade finance requirements.

Products and services

We offer a comprehensive range of commodity and trade financing solutions, including:

• Import and export financing
• Pre-export financing
• Pre-production financing
• Stock, storage and inventory financing
• Repo financing structures
• Receivables financing and invoice discounting
• Working capital
• Export Credit Agency-covered capital expenditure programmes
• Commodity derivatives
• Insurance
• Agri- and commodity finance
• Warehouse receipt and Field-Warehouse
• Documentation processing
• Management of the (multimodal) logistics